Who are we ?

Yélé is a human size consulting and research company whose ambition is to assist corporations, local authorities and associations in facing their challenges in energy transition and digital transformation. Our operations are located in France and West Africa, with offices in Nanterre, Lyon and Bamako. 

Our approach is to recommend and implement operational best practices to our clients, whilst giving them a high level of flexibility to adapt to their specific needs. Our expertise spreads across the various functions of energy operators and local authorities: Strategic planningResearch & Development, Innovation ManagementInformation Systems, Technical Assistance, Sales and Marketing, Customer Relationships. 

Yélé Consulting is a member of the JAD Holding Group 

JAD is developing an ecosystem of complementary activities to support European and African dynamics in the area of energy transition and digital transformationWe thus help promote reciprocal exchangbetween the two continents to create value as close as possible to the field. 

Servicing our clients

Our teams assist our clients in their projects to overcome sector changes, with assignments ranging from strategic recommendations to operational performance improvement.  We provide expertise regarding information systems, business trends and evolutions, knowledge of new uses to prepare the future of energy. 


Yélé culture fosters intrapreneurship. All our consultants participate to internal initiatives, therefore contributing to the strong growth of Yélé while ensuring the development of both their competencies and their sense of responsibility working on improving the internal strength of Yélé.

“Yélé” means “Light” in Bambara

Yélé Group

Beyond consulting, Yélé stands itself apart with its daily committment to sustanainable development. Through our trainaing and skill-based sponsorship we support numerous projects to improve working conditions of local communities.

Driven by the willingness to contribute to the development of innovative and sustainable energy models, Yélé has been present in Africa since 2013. Thanks to our permanent offices in Mali and Senegal as well as to our partners in the West African and Maghreb sub-regions, Yélé is undertaking several large-scale projects on this continent: 

  • Initial and executive education through the CIFED Regional Institute, with more than 300 people have been trained in the various training programs offered, 
  • Consulting and engineering for developers and operators of energy systems, for industrials, companies and institutions facing energy and/or digital challenges, 
  • Development of innovative projects around access to energy in peri-urban or rural areas. 

At Yélé, we believe it is important to contribute to the development of society as a whole, particularly on two topics that are close to our hearts: access to energy and sustainable development. 

To address these challenges, we are committed to working alongside companies, local authorities and NGOs to implement solidarity projects that offer a sustainable development perspective and aim at improving the quality of life of those who benefit from them. We see the energy transition as a combination of forward-looking reflection on the future of energy and mere support to those who simply dream of having access to it.  


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Our vision

Yélé emerged in 2010 from several deeply rooted convictions:  

  • The large-scale development of smart grids will be the cornerstone of energy transition  
  • Only digital technologies will enable energy transition  
  • Emerging countries, especially those in Africa, will be an exceptional source of opportunities to meet the challenges of energy transition and sustainable development.  

By combining expertise in the fields of energy and digital, Yélé is ready to help industrial and institutional customers overcome the

  • Putting the consumer or user at the center of the strategy and the operations,   
  • Designing and managing multi-fluid systems (electricity, gas, water, heat) to back the sustainable city,  
  • Adapting to the upcoming convergence of the energy, mobility and building sectors.  

To meet the various challenges associated with these convictions, Yélé focuses on the development of a panel of skills broad enough to address all issues related to the design and implementation of smart grids, and more generally “smart energies”.