Yélé is a consulting company aimed at providing energy-conscious corporations and local authorities independent research and advisory to speed up their transformation towards comprehensive energy-efficiency.

We at Yélé strongly believe that digital technologies in connected and intelligent ecosystems will facilitate the energy transition. We support our clients across the energy value chain and intervene on innovative, cross-sector topics. We are instrumental in the long-term development of smart grids in France and internationally.

19 intrapreneurial initiatives
million revenue in 2020


Based on our profound knowledge and expertise in the economics and regulatory developments for the energy transition, we can assist you in leveraging market opportunities and developing profitable business models
Succeed in defining positioning and optimising operations on energy markets Succeed in defining positioning and optimising operations on energy markets


Areas of intervention

  • Monitoring of regulatory and technological developments and anticipation of new markets and opportunities
  • Construction and assessment of market models and associated economic patterns
  • Design and implementation of tools relating to energy markets
  • Project coordination and management, from opportunity analysis to operational deployment
  • Business process reengineering, support in team changes or evolutions
  • Research on tools to optimise market price forecasting

Uses cases

Balancing Responsible Party: Optimising the value of an asset portfolio and balancing services on energy markets

Utilities:  Designing, crafting, rolling out new value propositions and services on energy markets

Market places: Anticipating new opportunities and supporting implementation of innovative solutions to take advantage of energy market evolutions

Consumers: Setting up energy sourcing strategies, anticipating market evolution and shifts in energy costs

Our double expertise in data science techniques such as blockchain or deep learning and in energy sector data analysis helps us to develop data platforms that can stimulate innovation and operational performance in your company.
Take better advantage of open data in the energy, technical and economic sectors Take better advantage of open data in the energy, technical and economic sectors


Areas of intervention

  • Modelling of objects, business concepts and associated data
  • Design and architecture of data platforms
  • Research and development of consumption forecasting tools
  • Multiparty structures animation and coordination
  • Assessment and set up of innovative technologies and algorithms
  • Elaboration and valuation of financial models
  • Assistance to rollout and use of new tools

Use cases

Network operator: Improve the quality of service, provisional management of network and future investments

Communities:  Bring actors together around data sharing/governance/valuation

Developers: Model the energy consumption of buildings in the prospect of smart cities projects

We assist you in transforming and digitalising your processes to make them more client-oriented, hence improving your clients’ experience while raising operational excellence.
Value digital assets to build high-performing digital capacity Value digital assets to build high-performing digital capacity


Areas of intervention

  • Modelling customer journeys, building comprehensive commercial growth strategies
  • Building operational excellence aligning processes and tools to customer needs
  • Improving customer knowledge by using technology and data
  • Improving marketing and developing new customer offers for the network
  • Developing digital capacity and culture and promoting agile transformation within the organisation
  • Valuating digital assets, including through building incremental approaches

Use Case

Launching new services: Setting up an organisation to build a consolidated 360° customer view, including real time or behavioural customer data

Infrastructure operators: Improving quality of service by automatising the value chain and taking the network condition into account

B2C Utilities: Improving customer experiences and aligning business organisation to customer needs

New industry entrant: Designing new, platform-oriented service offering agile approach

To best support you along your energy projects (electricity, gas, cold, heat, smart energy), we offer our expertise, covering information system management, electrical engineering, complex systems steering and maintenance.
Developing solutions that optimise technical, economic, and environmental performance Developing solutions that optimise technical, economic, and environmental performance

Energy engineering

Domaines d’intervention

  • Elaboration of community master plans, organisation and information systems to meet ecological transition goals taking into account the evolution of electric systems steering as well as energy networks convergence (electricity, gas, heat)
  • Smart grid engineering to help design, tool, simulate, steer and run tomorrow’s energy networks (renewable energy, electrical vehicle, energy storage, self-consumption, multi-fluid energy, etc.)
  • Project management assistance from design phase to field operational implementation
  • Training about energy review tools and their integration into day-to-day operations

Quelques cas d’usage

Electricity producer: Assessment of production capacity of a hybrid photovoltaic / diesel plant in an isolated site.

Network operators: Network planning, sizing, modelling and optimising (quality of supply, stability, loss management, etc.). Evolution of network steering, operation and maintenance using digital network control system, easing renewable energy integration and revenue collection by using smart meters.

Communities / developers: Designing a micro smart grid, connecting it to grid using a local energy management system.


  • Let us assist your professional development while helping you contribute the future of the energy sector!
  • Let us transform a vision into a real and concrete project!
  • Let us make your unique diversity and personality the ingredient of a collective success!